COVID-19 Notice 

Notice For Customers

Whether you're a business or an individual, the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic has brought us all challenges. Trident Stairlifts are no different however we want to assure you that we are here and we will continue to look after both you and your equipment.

Many businesses and individuals alike have had to adapt to the 'new-normal'. Some businesses delayed their approach for a number of weeks in the hope that the new-normal would quickly become history, unfortunately for those businesses this has meant a delay in their operation and further inconvenience to their customers. At Trident Stairlifts we have developed and adopted our own TRI-COV Service Model.

The entire Trident team including our Directors have completed our thorough and effective training and are now all TRI-COV compliant. Our team are both confident and knowledgeable on our TRI-COV way of working and moreover we, as a business, are confident that our employees have adapted to this new way of working in an acceptable manner. 

Our TRI-COV service model overarchs three important principles; People, Property and Equipment, We have worked hard to ensure that The TRI-COV way is the safest and best way to protect each of these. We are proud of our TRI-COV way of working and would like to share what this means to you...


People are the most valuable asset to our business whether that is a customer or a member of staff, which is why the health, safety and well being of everyone is of paramount importance. We must ensure that we are able to carry out our work in a way that protects everyone at all times and it is the responsibility of all our staff and customers to protect each other.

If a member of staff is ill or showing symptoms of Covid then they should inform their manager immediately and stay at home likewise a customer should inform us straight away if an Engineer is due to visit. 

We are still contactable by phone, albeit a mobile: 07927-571-444. This is our emergency line and can be reached 24/7 should you need urgent assistance. 

During working hours: You can use the chat functionality on our website, you can message us on Facebook Messenger through our page or you can email us:


Your home is the safest place for you to be at during this time, both you and us need to make it our priority to keep it that way. It is clear from Government guidelines that letting strangers into your property should be avoided as much as possible, it is also important that you remain independent and safe in your own home.  We will take every measure to protect your home whilst visiting you or your equipment. At Trident Stairlifts we do not have a showroom full of equipment, not only does this mean that we can offer a competitive price for our stairlifts due to not having big overheads we also remove the risk of coming into contact with many customers 'off the street'.

Virtual Home Surveys

We are able to carry out a home survey without even coming to your home. To do this you will need and be able to use:

  1. A mobile phone or device that is capable of having video calls

  2. A tape measure

  3. An idea of what type of stairlift you require

If our engineer is not confident that the virtual survey was successful we may need to arrange for a visit to your property.

Virtual Orders

If the Virtual Home Survey was successful we are also able to complete the order using the same mobile technology, this would mean that the only time our engineers need to enter your home would be to install.

Physical home Surveys/Orders (Covid-Aware)

If a Virtual Survey isn't possible or if you'd prefer to have a more traditional survey then we can visit your home and carry out a TRI-COV Survey. This is just a survey similar to what we've always carried out but ensures safety to both our engineer and you, the customer. Should you wish to order your equipment we can go through your options at the same time or provide you with a full quotation which you can confirm virtually or over the phone when you are ready. Our Covid-Aware home surveys carry the same no obligation promise that we have always provided.

Breakdown Assistance

Should your current stairlift be faulty or inoperable we may be able to diagnose the issue without having to visit your property, as with all breakdown calls our engineer will call you, usually within 15 minutes of your initial call to ask questions and carry out basic troubleshooting to try and understand what the problem is. It may be possible to get you working again by following simple advice from our engineer, however if the engineer does need to attend your home he/she will adhere to our TRI-COV Policy.


The stairlift in your home is your equipment, the stairlift in our stock is our equipment and the tools in our Engineer's van is their equipment which highlights again that we each have a responsibility and part to play in keeping each other safe. 

Our Engineers are stocked with ample amounts of PPE such as gloves, masks, face visors and hand sanitiser. Before and after any work has been carried out on any equipment our Engineer will wipe down with antibacterial wipes.

Our TRI-COV Promise
  • We will ensure daily that our staff are fit and well enough to come to work and carry out their duties, we will not ask any member of staff to come into work or visit customers homes that are unwell;

  • For a member of staff that has been self-isolating we will ensure that the government guidelines for the period of time in which they remain off work is adhered to;

  • Our Engineer will call you directly before they travel to check that anyone from your household are not displaying any symptoms of Covid-19;

  • Our Engineer will advise you of an estimated time arrival (ETA) which will allow you to prepare safely for our arrival, should the time change due to unavoidable delays our engineer will keep you informed;

  • On arrival to your property our Engineer will call you from their vehicle, you will be asked to open the door to your property and, if possible, any windows near the location of your equipment. You may want to put on your face covering before opening your door;

  • Our Engineer will sanitise their hands before coming in to your home and will wear a face covering at all times whilst inside;

  • Our Engineer will wear gloves whilst working on your equipment;

  • Our Engineer will wipe down your equipment and surfaces where they will be working before they begin;

  • If you wish to stay in alternate room whilst our engineer is present this is acceptable;

  • Our Engineer can not accept drinks or snacks from our customers;

  • Should our Engineer need to visit their vehicle whilst working on your equipment they will remove their gloves and sanitise their hands. They will re-sanitise on re-entering your home before using a new pair of gloves;

  • On completion our Engineer will wipe down your equipment and any surfaces they have worked on;

  • If you do not feel safe signing our paperwork our Engineer can take photographs and/or video of the completed job.