Stairlift Rental


Trident Stairlifts offer stairlifts on a rental and hire arrangement on a short and long term basis. 

There are benefits to renting a stairlift including for those customers who may only require a stairlift for a short time or for those who would like a low installation cost.

We offer straight stairlift rental from £250 initial payment and £10 per week. 

Our rental stairlifts are serviced annually and fully maintained during the rental period.

Remember, we also offer alternatives to a rental stairlift, such as a new or  reconditioned stairlift.

*This estimated price is based on a standard straight stairlift with ease of access

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Top Brands

We only provide equipment from reputable manufacturers. We are independent which means we can match the best stairlift from the top manufacturers.

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Straight Stairs

Traditional stairs that go from bottom to top without a bend are known as 'straight stairs'. We can provide a range of stairlift solutions for a straight staircase.

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Curved Stairs

A curved stairlift can be installed to get around stairs with a 90 degree angle. We can match you with a curved stairlift that best fits you and your home.

Home Improvement
Home Survey

We offer a FREE Home Survey to discuss and understand your challenges and provide you with the best options.

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Bespoke Installation
Installations are carried out by experienced engineers who will thoroughly check the equipment and ensure it is safe and secure to use.
Certified Installations

You will be issued with full documentation and certificates for your equipment.  

Competitive Pricing
We are independent with no big showroom meaning we can provide competitive pricing on all our products.
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Reconditioned Stairlifts
We offer a wide range of reconditioned stairlifts. All our reconditioned units have been tested and serviced to the highest standard.

Trident Stairlifts is pleased to provide the following additional services:

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Fast, First Time Repair

Our engineers are available to repair all stairlifts. Most of the time faults can be rectified on the first visit meaning that your stairlift is repaired in a timely manner.


We offer a removal service for all stairlifts.

All stairlifts installed by us can be removed for FREE.

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Service Contract

We offer service contracts which give you peace of mind knowing that your stair lift is serviced regularly and ensures that your equipment is cared for as it should be.

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One-Off Service

We offer  a one-off service of all stairlifts which means that you can rest knowing that your stairlifts is working correctly.